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Eat breakfast, fix biochemistry to lose weight and overcome sugar addiction

This is a fascinating post on one of sugar's largest opponents, Dr. Robert Lustig.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

  1. "Insulin steals the energy from your blood and puts it into your fat."

  2. “You want to get As and As?" he asks a young girl who gets As and Bs. "Eat breakfast.” 

  3. “If we keep thinking about obesity in terms of personal responsibility, we’re not going to work our way out of it.”

  4. A 1998 study showed that insulin suppression using medication caused weight loss in 20 percent of obese adults. Lustig concluded that adiposity—fatness—must stem from a hormonal problem, not a behavioral one. In other words, fat people eat too much and gain excess weight because chemical imbalances make them hungrier and lazier than they should be. These hormonal imbalances cause the behavior, not the other way around. So if you want to fix the behavior, you have to fix the biochemistry.

Much of what he says is in alignment with the work of Kathleen DesMaisons (, one of the first researchers to label Sugar addictive.  Her works are a must read for any sugar addict.  Start with "Potatoes Not Prozac" for the basics and continue on from there.

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