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The Free Kick Sugar Summit … Featuring Me!


In just a few days you’ll be able to catch me on the 2017 Kick Sugar Summit. It runs from January 30th to February 5th. You’ll have to check to see which day I’m speaking. 

The summit is 100% virtual and 100% free. 

There will be over 25 speakers from around the world on how to get free from sugar! 

Just few of the speakers and what they’ll be talking about are: 

Dr. Nicole Avena 

"Why Diets Fail" 

Damon Gameau 

Producer and star of “That Sugar Movie”

"How a Healthy Guy Ate 40 Teaspoons Of Sugar Every Day For 60 Days, Gained 20  Pounds And Filmed The Entire Thing!" 

Karly Randolph Pitman

"Transforming How You Relate To Food, Sugar & Body Compulsions" 

Chef AJ 

"How An Overweight Vegan Came To Understand The Role Of Sugar In Her Diet 

Dr. Richard Johnson 

"What You Don't Know About Fructose and HFCS Could Kill You" 

And over 20 other MD’s Ph.D’s, sugar researchers and experts will educate, entertain and amaze you.  

Here's just small sampling of the topics they speak about:

     - Natural, steady weight loss with no crazy exercise 

     - Improve your mood quickly, heal your dopamine receptors 

     - Many people cut back or totally eliminate medications of all kinds 

     - Make more satisfying food choices…Increased energy – finally wake up refreshed! 

     - Better concentration 

     - Learn to care for yourself in deep way 

     - Take back control of your health 

No airplanes, no hotels – just log in and watch for free for seven straight days! 

Be well,


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