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Want to Lighten Up with Me? 4-Day New Year’s Cleanse Coming Up!

Lurking just past the holidays is The New Year. Often, by then we're saturated with holiday sweets, stressed out from excess travel, and worn down by old emotional triggers. 

If you are like most people, your track record for sticking with past resolutions is just not great. If only it was as simple as making a resolution and sticking to it.

So give yourself a headstart this year and join me in Dr. John Douillard's Lighten Up! Cleanse.

I've participated in other Ayurvedic cleanses with Dr. Douillard and have found them to be very helpful in maintaining my recovery from sugar addiction.  Each time, I've set an intention for myself.  And each time I've been successful in meeting the intention.  During a two-week Home Detox Bootcamp and Digestion Cleanse I was able to give up processed snacks.  And during his free Short Home Cleanse I was able to break free from all sugar substitutes.

Lighten Up! is a unique cleanse - a detox of body and mind based on a synthesis of Ayurvedic psychology and cutting-edge science in the realms of molecules of emotion and epigenetics. While ridding the body of toxins, the real gift of Lighten Up! is a scrubbing of our old, well-rehearsed emotional patterns that hold us hostage and keep us doing the same destructive things over and over. Once these emotional patterns are revealed, Lighten Up! guides you through action steps to literally rewire your neural patterns and make lasting, transformational change.

If you ’re ready to finally keep your resolution, you can get more information and order your cleansing kit here.

The Lighten Up! Emotional Freedom Cleanse can be done while working and maintaining your regular routine.

  1. You can start the cleanse support anytime between now and January 31st , 2014.

  2. Support includes daily emails, videos & articles, tip sheets, and a live Q&A call with Dr. John Douillard.

Join me in getting 2014 off to a healthy and happy start!

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