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In Celebration of Chickpeas and Curry

I had just hit "submit" on a huge project … you know, the kind that takes over your life and psyche but you're so in the flow, in your zone that you don't mind.  And, quite by coincidence, I was able to celebrate at a lovely Indian restaurant.

Now, Indian food isn't on my regular beaten path but since the opportunity arose … I took it.  Gladly.


But my main course.  That's another story. The Salmon Tikka Masala was also lovely and aromatic.  Such a nice blend of spices … cilantro, cumin, coriander and tumeric.  A healthy-eater's delight! (Here's what John Douillard has to say about tumeric in case you aren't aware of its potency and magical restorative qualities.) And here's a simple recipe.  You can even cheat with a prepared spice mix if need be …my kind of simplicity!

Later that evening as I was going about my bedtime rituals, the scent of curry wafted toward my nose from my fingertips.  Ah, a sweet memory from the sublime dinner.  The kind of aromatherapy that can't be bottled and sold.  It just is.

Sometimes, it's the little things … the simple things … like a special scent evoking a memory … that can serve as "pattern interrupters" to help us slow down, take life one step at a time, enjoy the moment and be present. 

So when you're caught up in life and all its "busy-ness" … when all the plates are spinning at once … remember to slow down … take a deep breath … and let the curry linger.

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