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My Mid-Morning Snack

I eat breakfast at 6:30 a.m. And around 10 a.m. my body asks for a snack to keep my blood sugar steady while I walk for an hour at lunch, and then actually eat lunch at my desk around 1:30.

What works for me is a small container of cottage cheese, with a dollop of no-sugar-added apple butter.  My husband taught me this trick … he says it's what his grandmother did.


The cottage cheese delivers 10 grams of protein: balancing blood sugar and staving off hunger.  (It also delivers 5 grams of sugar but it's lactose, which has a minimal impact on blood sugar and doesn't trigger sugar cravings because it doesn't contain fructose.)

The apple butter adds only 4 grams of sugar … but a whole lot of gently, non-triggering sweetness that makes me happy 🙂

And, if you count calories, that's only 110-calories for both.  (But I don't count calories.  I prefer to listen to my body.  She always knows best!)

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